What should I do if I have a car accident in Spain

Published on 6 March 2024

Spain is not considered a particularly dangerous country to drive in. Although the average rate in Spain is lower than in other European countries, in 2022, there were 1,042 fatal accidents on Spanish roads, resulting in 1,145 deaths and another 4,008 serious injuries. 

Despite there is a slight downward trend, road accidents are still happening and, hopefully not, but any of us could find ourselves involved in an unpleasant vehicle incident. 

It’s important to know how to act and, if necessary, create a safe environment for victims and those involved in the event of an accident. 

 Stay calm and wear the reflective vest. 

✓ Get to a safe area near the accident scene, turn on your emergency flashers and use the warning triangles or the V-16 emergency beacon. 

✓ Make sure everyone is okay and call 112, if necessary, for medical and/or police assistance. That’s the European emergency free phone number, available throughout the whole EU. 

 Remember, do not modify the condition of vehicles or victims unless this would be dangerous to traffic or to the victims themselves. 

If you come across an accident that has already happened and the emergency services have already arrived, you must never stop. You should continue your journey with caution. The voyeur effect (stopping to observe a road accident from the car) is an act that could have bad consequences. 

On the contrary, if you witness an accident, and you are the first to arrive at the scene, it is your duty to attend to the victims. Failure to do so is an omission of the duty to assist: a serious offence under Article 195 of the Spanish Penal Code, which is punishable by a fine of three to twelve months. The same penalties apply to anyone who, being unable to provide help themselves, does not ask for help from others. 

 In addition, if you have been at fault in the accident and you flee without rendering assistance, it is an offence of failure to render assistance, punishable under the Criminal Code and may risk imprisonment for up to four years. 

Remember that if you or your car was involved in the accident, apart from following the previous recommendations and making sure you are in a safe environment, you should: 

 Fill in the accident report, including your personal details and those of the other drivers and vehicles involved in the accident. Please keep in mind that it must be signed by both parties involved. If possible, get statements and contact information from any witnesses. 

✓ Take pictures of the vehicles involved, damage, road signs, etc. when it is safe. 

 Report the accident to the insurance company within 7 days. 

✓ If you are injured or feel unwell, go to a hospital or health centre so that you can be treated, and the injuries can be reported in a medical report. 

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