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From 3rd party liability to comprehensive cover, Liberty Seguros offers a wide range of coverages for your car insurance that you can customise to suit your needs. Plus, there’s the advantage of the professional advice from our Agents and Brokers to make sure that your car is in safe hands whilst you enjoy driving. 

The best car insurance in Spain designed for the expat market

  • Extended Public Liability  
  • Courtesy car as standard in the case of Theft, Fire, Accident and Mechanical Breakdown 
  • Roadside Assistance in English with a freephone number 
  • All documents in English 
  • Accident cover for driver and passengers 
  • Increased cover in case of total theft or write-off 
  • Specific cover for electric vehicles 
  • Insurance cover for Spanish and UK registered vehicles 
  • Fines claim management service 

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Ask for a no-obligation quote now or find your nearest local agent or broker. They are available to provide friendly and expert advice, in your language, regarding the best covers and options to suit your specific needs whilst in Spain 

Frequently asked questions

Yes, according to the current legislation, any Spanish registered vehicle is obliged to be covered, at least, by the obligatory public liability insurance, unless the vehicle is officially registered as off-road (SORN) with the Traffic Authorities. 

The excess is the amount that must be paid by the insured to cover the repair of the damages caused in an own damage claim, according to the Insurance policy. The Insurance company will cover the remaining costs. This way you can reduce your annual Insurance premium. 

The vehicle market or book value is the worth of the vehicle just before the claim. This value is determined by a loss adjuster and is used by the Insurance company to calculate the claim compensation.  

If you have taken out the total-loss guarantee, you will get 100% of the vehicle’s value as brand new if the vehicle is less than two years old; if the vehicle is less than 3 years old, 80% of the vehicle’s brand-new value and 70% of the vehicle’s brand-new value if it is less than 4 years old. For vehicles older than 4 years, Liberty Seguros will compensate you with the vehicle market value plus 30%. 

Should the unthinkable happen, here are some tips that everyone, from a new driver to an experienced one, should remember in the case of an accident: 

  • Stay calm and wear the reflective vest 
  • Get to a safe area near the accident scene, turn on your emergency flashers and use the warning triangles or the V-16 emergency beacon 
  • Make sure everyone is okay and call 112, if necessary, for medical and police assistance 
  • When it is safe, take pictures of the vehicles involved, damage, road signs, etc. 
  • Get statements and contact information from any witnesses 
  • If you need roadside assistance, call 900 101 369 immediately, Liberty Seguros’ freephone number, where you will be spoken to in your own language 

To get an accurate car insurance quote, please make sure that you provide the following information: 

  • Main driver date of birth and driving licence date 

  • Vehicle information – It’s best if you provide a copy of the vehicle logbook, which contains information about the vehicle model and version, accessories, date of manufacture, etc. 

  • Your NCB information 

  • Your Spanish NIE or NIF number