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Tailor-made building and contents cover adapted to suit your insurance needs

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Understanding that every customer’s needs are unique, we offer optional coverages to ensure your home policy is perfectly tailored to you. Whether it is for your holiday home or permanent residence in Spain - or even if you rent it out for holiday lets - with Liberty Seguros you’ll only pay for what you really need.

With our home insurance, you choose what you really need for your home in Spain


  • Garden furniture and garden reconstruction 
  • Emergency Home Assistance in English 
  • Refrigerated goods 
  • Aesthetic restoration 
  • Extended cover for jewellery and valuables 
  • DIY Service 
  • Public liability 


  • Excess water consumption 
  • Pest control 
  • Home Appliances Repair service 
  • Extensive cover for holiday rentals, including public liability 
  • Vandalism caused by tenants 
  • Public liability for your mobility scooter 
  • All risk Accidental Damage for building and contents 
  • Cover for electric vehicles charging device 
  • Legal Defence cover in case of illegal occupation 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please make sure that you and any other person at home are safe and can move to a safe place. Then, take steps to minimize any damage and contact our Home Assistance Department (900556000 – 24/7) to report the claim. Ensure you provide your insurance policy number and details of the claim; what, when and how did it happen? Please be aware that claims should be reported no later than 7 days after the claim date.

The excess is the amount that has to be paid by the insured to cover the repair of the damages caused, according to the Insurance policy. The Insurance company will cover the remaining costs. This way you can reduce your annual Insurance premium. 

This will always depend on the size of the property, the property use, the number of people living at the property, etc, but please make sure that you consider, at least, the following: Kitchen furniture and appliances, furniture and soft-furnishings for every room, clothes and personal belongings. Do not forget that jewellery and valuable objects are considered part of the contents cover, but you will need to consider the value of each item.

The reconstruction costs refer to the cost of reconstructing the property from scratch, as if the property was considered a total ruin after a claim. This differs from the property purchase cost, which is usually much higher, because you won’t have to factor in costs such as the building plot, foundations, etc. Also, if your property is within urbanisation, you do not have to consider the communal areas, such as building corridors, staircases, etc, as they are usually covered by the community of owners’ insurance policy. Please always consult a professional insurance advisor to discuss the most suitable cover for your property. 

Yes, as long as the property contents are insured in the home policy. The policy includes a standard cover that can be extended up to €1M. 

No, but it is certainly highly recommended. Nowadays, very few properties are without home insurance. However, every customer’s needs are different. This is why Liberty Seguros has created additional coverages to allow customers to tailor-make their home policy, from the most basic cover to a wide range of additional guaranties and services to make sure that you only pay for what you really need.

Yes, as long as the property contents are insured and the dog registered owner is also insured in the policy, that is, that the dog owner legally resides in the insured property. Please, bear in mind that this public liability cover is included as standard. However, if your dog is considered as a “dog with special handling” (formerly known as dangerous breed of dog), you have to take out an additional Public Liability Guaranty within your home policy. In any case, your dog details should be included in the policy documents. Please, do always review this with a professional insurance advisor.