Different types of cover for your car insurance

Types of Cover

Liberty Seguros offers one of the best deals on car insurance for expatriates. Benefit from the advantages offered by one of the best international insurance companies.

Insure your car starting with the basic cover and add the optional covers that you wish in order to complete your insurance policy. If you wish, choose one of the fullu comprehensive options with or without excess. Adapt it to your needs and enjoy our benefits for expats in Spain, because Liberty Seguros cares about you and your family and friends.

Liberty Seguros is committed to replace the vehicle in case of theft or accident in certain cases. Check out our types of coverage and our optional covers. Our car insurance policies adapt to the needs of each individual client. If you are an expatriate living in Spain check the benefits of being part of one of the best insurance companies.

We offer you the most comprehensive insurance.

1. Basic Cover

  • Includes damage caused to third parties and the following covers:
    • - Mandatory and Voluntary Liability.
    • - Legal Defence and Damage Claims.
    • - Roadside Assistance.
    • - Legal Assistance (Processing of Fines).
    • - Personal Accident.

2. Basic Cover Fire Windscreen

  • Includes the aforementioned covers, plus fire cover for the vehicle.

3. Basic Cover Theft Fire

  • Includes the aforementioned covers, plus vehicle theft cover.

4. Fully Comprehensive with no Deductible

  • Gives the full cover and services of the policy.

5. Fully Comprehensive with a Deductible

  • Gives the full cover and services of the policy.
  • If you have chosen this option, bear in mind that the value of the deductible will be deducted from each claim for own damage and/or theft cover.
  • Depending on the deductible chosen, you will obtain a discount on the insurance price. The higher the deductible, the higher the discount.
  • Optional Covers: There are two optional covers:
    • Suspension of Driving licence.
    • Replacement Vehicle in case of accident or theft.

Due to the fact that Liberty Seguros designed this Motor insurance policy with each individual driver in mind, a flexible product has been created, which can be perfectly adapted to your needs. It includes a careful combination of basic covers, to which a than can be complemented with a wide range of additional covers: you just choose the ones you are interested in.

No need to pay more on your car insurance for expatriates in Spain. Hire your policy with Liberty Seguros and add to your basic cover the options that you think are suitable. Request your quote with no commitment and see it for yourself.

Liberty Seguros is your insurance company in Spain and the one that provides you with a product specially designed for you. Your peace of mind is our goal.

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