Optional covers for your car insurance

Optional Cover

Liberty Seguros for Expatriates offers the best optional covers for your car insurance. Complete your basic car insurance cover by customizing your insurance policy according to your needs.

Add to your insurance: coverage against damage caused by vandalism, glass breakage, theft or damage caused by traffic accidents. We also offer special conditions to acquire a replacement vehicle.

Optional coverage allows us to satisfy our most demanding customers when they hire the services of an insurance company. Our policies for expatriates aim to live up to your expectations. Trust in Liberty Seguros, leave your worries in our hands. As you can see, we have one of the broadest covers of car insurers in the market.

We insure your car with full or partial coverage for your own peace of mind. That is why we have been ensuring goods for the last 100 years.

We offer you the most comprehensive insurance.

  • "Own Damage":
    • - Fall or overturning of the vehicle, collision with other vehicles or with any other moving or stationary object.
    • - The collapse of bridges or roadways or land.
    • - Malicious damage.
    • - Accidents caused by defective material or building defects.
    • - Damage to Upholstery.
    • - Windscreen breakage.
    • - Hail damage.
  • Damage to the insured vehicle caused by fire.
  • Theft of the Insured Vehicle.
  • Replacement vehicle.
  • Personal Accident to the Driver (Compensation and Monthly Income).
  • Subsidy for Temporary Suspension of Driving Licence.

If you want to hire insurance policy with optional coverage for your vehicle don’t think twice and ask for quotes. You will find out that we offer the best coverage a minimum price.

Our product “Car Insurance for Expatriates” is one of the most competitive in the Spanish market. Compare prices and covers and you will confirm that no one offers more for less. Invest in peace and hire your car insurance with Liberty Expatriates, a car insurance for expatriates with maximum benefits adaptable to the needs of each individual client.

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