Optional Cover

Optional Cover

The product offers competitive benefits in all aspects, in terms of the scope of cover and of application and competitive rates.

  • Automatic cover for goods: covers, without prior notice to the insurer, a margin of 30 the sum insured for stock.
  • Deterioration of refrigerated stock: this covers loss or damage as a result of spoiled or rotten stock kept in cold storage, refrigeration and freezing devices installed at the insured business as a result of a breakdown of such devices or storage, an interruption of electrical energy supply or malfunction of the cold storage as a result of any risk covered by the policy.
  • Theft with violence and theft with intimidation: includes destruction, disappearance, deterioration and damage to the building and/or contents as a result of such theft or attempted theft, in addition to cash held within the insured permises.
  • Employee dishonesty: covers theft, fraud, diversion, embezzlement, counterfeit or misappropriation appropriation of cash, checks, securities or goods, commited by the insured´s employees while performing their duties in your own language, and are registered for Social Security benefits in Spain for the insured place of work.
  • Consequential losses: Daily compensation; Loss of Profit: if arranged; Permanent General Cost...

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