Basic Cover

Basic Cover

The product offers competitive benefits in all aspects, in terms of the scope of cover, application and competitive rates.

  • Loss or material damage to the building and/or contents.
  • Pursuant to the limits and conditions agreed upon in the policy, direct material damage and/or losses sustained by buildings or contents are covered, including items considered as valuable objects, providing that the value does not exceed €1,800, and items of a higher value that are expressly listed in the schedule. Damage as a result of the following causes is covered:
  • Fire and its effects on insured goods, in addition to expenditure incurred through the transportation of goods in order to safeguard them against fire.
  • Explosion or implosion even if not followed by a fire, and in addition to the inevitable consequences of the event.
  • Lightning even if not followed by a fire.
  • Water damage and material losses due to water leaks and overflows.
  • Location and repair of damage. Failure to turn off taps.
  • Vandalism or acts of disorder, including those caused by legal strikes, meetings and demonstrations in accordance with the legislation in force.
  • Natural phenomena, such as rain, storms, hail, snow, wind and gales in excess of specified intensities and not covered by the Insurance Compensation Consortium.
  • Flooding, as a result of the overflowing or accidental diversion of the normal route of water courses, such as canals, irrigation channels, gullies, river beds, sewers or other similar flows.
  • Smoke damage regardless of cause, apart from damage from continuous exposure of the insured goods to smoke or damage from smoke that originates in premises other than those insured, unless it is from a fire.
  • Impact from terrestrial, maritime or animal vehicles, in addition to impact from falling airborne objects such as satellites.

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